Creative Arts


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  • Art

    The elementary art department participates in the annual ACSI art competition, from which students have received numerous awards in recent years. Elementary art students also have the chance to be named “Artist of the Month.” The winner of the title has his or her artwork displayed at the Giddens Gallery of Fine Art on Main Street in Grapevine for the month.

    Junior high art enters students in three competitions: the Private International Art Show at the Dallas Episcopal School, the ACSI District Festival, and Grapevine Faith’s end of the year art show. Last year, students received first place in Sculpture at the Private International Art Show, and 4 first places, 5 second places, and 2 third places at the ACSI District Festival. Junior high art students also have the opportunity to visit Kindred, a local nursing home, four times year. While there, they deliver cards and crafts they made in class and build relationships with the people they meet.

    The high school art department competes in TAPPS Art competitions. Most recently, the department was named Art State Champion for Division 4a, replacing a 5-year reigning champion. There were also many individual awards, including gold, silver, and bronze medals. In addition to the TAPPS competition, the department plans to enter VASE, the Congressional Art competition, as well as others. High school art student leaders have the opportunity to plan and teach an art lesson Faith elementary students, volunteer with local art businesses and organizations, and, as of the 2016-2017 school year, become a member of Grapevine Faith’s chapter of the National Art Honor Society.
  • Band

    Junior high band offers an instrumental introduction to Grapevine Faith’s band program. Students spend class periods learning and practicing pieces and sharpening their music skills. Performances are often given throughout the year at events such as the Christmas Program and Grandparent’s Day.

    High school band provides a little more variety, as students have the chance to be involved in programs like the jazz band and drumline. In the past, the high school band has performed for Grapevine Faith’s theater performances, participated in and received awards from area competitions, and provided live music entertainment for various school functions.
  • Choir

    The Junior High Choir program aims to expose students to a wide variety of musical styles while developing students’ musicianship as they prepare for High School. Throughout the year, students will have opportunities to lead worship, perform in several concerts and community events, and audition for the Texas Private School Music Educators Association (TPSMEA) Middle School Honor Choir. Students also compete at the state level through TPSMEA and ACSI.

    At the High School level, students are encouraged to reach their highest musical potential in preparation for college-level music making and beyond. A greater emphasis is placed on worship leading and students have opportunities to lead worship in various capacities throughout the year. Students also perform at our annual Christmas and Spring concerts and compete both as soloists and as a large ensemble through TPSMEA and TAPPS. Individual students have the opportunity to audition for the prestigious TPSMEA All Region and All State Choirs. In addition, the High School Choral Department participates in the biennial Carnegie Hall Mass Choir Event in New York City, and in performances of the National Anthem at Faith sporting events.
  • Dance

    Dance at Grapevine Faith is a fairly recent addition to the Creative Arts program. A state-of-the-art dance studio opened at the Dallas Road campus for the 2015-2016 school year, paving the way for new opportunities for the rapidly growing department. Dance styles range from hip hop to jazz to ballet, so there really is something for everyone and at every skill level. Students generally put on a few recitals a year.
  • Drama/Theater

    Drama is first available in Grapevine Faith’s junior high. Students learn beginner acting skills while working on improv, memorization, and basic theater knowledge. The theater department usually puts on at least one musical performance each year. Past junior high productions have included Honk! Jr., The Wizard of Oz, and The Lion King Jr.

    High school drama expounds upon the skills taught at the junior level to continue to develop students’ acting and musical theater talents. The theater department usually puts on at least one musical performance each year. Past high school productions have included Narnia, Little Women, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Bye Bye Birdie. Many of these shows have been nominated awards in local and state-wide theater competitions.
  • Elementary Music

    The elementary music department utilizes a variety of programs to instill a love for music in young students. Pre-K uses a combination of Classroom Music for Little Mozarts and various music and movement activities, while Kindergarten works through The Music Effect Kindergarten and completes group violin instruction. Older students use Theory Time for music theory studies. The entire department performs at an elementary Christmas program and Grandparent’s Day. Other performances that vary by grade level include Kindergarten Graduation, the 3rd and 4th grade ACSI Music Festival, and the 5th grade talent show. The 5th grade talent show is also an excellent opportunity for student leadership development, as students are responsible for planning, designing, and executing all aspects of the performance while showing off their own talents as well.
  • Graphic Design

    Graphic design is a hands-on class that gives an introduction to the world of designing logos, websites, advertisements, and other types of computer graphics. Students have the chance to compete in the TAPPS State Art competition. Products of this class have included the 2016-2017 GFCS yearbook cover, the 2016 GFCS Valentine’s Day logo, and the 2016 GFCS Summer Camps logo. Adobe Creative Suite is provided for student use.
  • Journalism

    Grapevine Faith’s journalism program began with one student’s desire to institute a school newspaper in 2011. Now a student-led class sponsored by a faculty adviser, the journalism class is responsible for writing, designing, and publishing (with the support of a local printer) a monthly paper, The MANE. Students learn basic design skills to write articles, edit photos, and create page layouts while developing the time management skills necessary to meet print deadlines.
  • Media Production

    In this department, students dig deep into the world of video production and cover all stages and types of media production from short films to advertising to script writing. Students have the chance to compete in the TAPPS State Art competition and have recently placed first and second in Narrative Short Film, first in Animation Short Film, fourth in Documentary Short Film, and first overall as a department. Projects often include filming chapels, sporting events, and other functions for the school. Adobe Creative Suite and Canon DSLR cameras are available for student use.
  • Photography

    Grapevine Faith’s photography department includes classes at all different levels. Introductory classes include all grade levels and offer an overview of photography, art, design, Photoshop, and basic camera skills. Advanced classes are offered for second year photography students and focus on applying photography skills by completing projects for Faith events, learning editing techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom, and using studio lighting. All photography students also have the opportunity to compete in the TAPPS State Art competition and have received many awards in past years, including third in Color Photography, third in Black and White Photography, and first and second in Creative and Experimental Use of Photography. This department also takes field trips to the local museums, parks, and school events.
  • Tech Theater

    The tech theater department appeals to students who prefer to work “behind the scenes.” Students develop skills in a wide range of areas, including sound, lights, prop and set construction, and stage management. Many students who participate in the program volunteer to run tech for chapel or at their local churches. Those involved in tech theater are usually required to be a part of the backstage crew for performances put on by the Creative Arts department.
  • Yearbook

    Grapevine Faith’s yearbook is created by a student-led class sponsored by a faculty adviser. Students learn basic design skills to write copies, edit photos, and create page layouts while developing the time management skills necessary to meet print deadlines. The class is responsible for producing the school’s annual yearbook, The Pride.
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