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The Grapevine Faith athletics department partners with parents and coaches to develop and graduate authentic Christian leaders. We equip our athletes with leadership skills that will benefit them on and off the field. We strive for excellence, play with heart and win with integrity. Although we have made winning a tradition, our main goal is to develop our athletes to be strong men and women of God.

Department Leadership

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  • Baseball

    Varsity - Robert Mendoza
    Varsity Asst. - Jake Moore and Tim McCune
    JV - Mike Roye
    JV Asst. - Bret Ralson
    Junior High - Bret Ralson
  • Basketball

    Boys Varsity - Matt Sayman
    Boys Varsity Asst. - Dallas Dagampat
    Boys JV - Blake Andrews
    Boys Freshmen - Wes Hill
    Boys 8th - Herb Evans
    Boys 7th - Rudy Meza

    Girls Varsity - Hannah Altheide
    Girls Varsity Asst. - Herb Evans
    Girls Freshman - Cassie Redmon
    Girls Junior High - Cassie Redmon
  • Cheer

    Varsity - Ginger Ratcliff
    Varsity Asst - Britney Strickland
    Junior High - Britney Strickland
    Junior High Asst. - Kally Turner
  • Cross Country

    Varisty - Amanda Rodriguez
  • Football

    Varsity - Kris Hogan
    Varsity Assistants:
        Preston Daniel
        Case Hubbart
        John David Mull
        BJ Pryor
        Mike Roye
        Gene Topping
    JV - Rick Jackson
    JV Asst. - Casey Hickman
    8th - Robert Mendoza
    8th Asst. - Preston Daniel and Mike Mason
    7th - Brandon Smeltzer
    7th Asst. - Derrick Erb
  • Golf

    Varsity and Junior High - Tray Middlebrooks
  • Soccer

    Boys Varsity - Shawn Mingledorff
    Boys JV/JH - Eraldo Guimaraes

    Girls Varsity - Cat Meyer 
    Girls Varsity Asst. - Tonja Hardister/Jon Brooks
    Girls JH - Cat Meyer
  • Softball

    Varsity - Heather Williams
    Vasity Asst. - Tim Dykes
  • Swim & Dive

    Varsity - Michelle Schmidt
    Varsity Asst. - Ashley Anderson
  • Tennis

    Varsity - Meredith Gumm
    Varsity Asst. - Tiffany Miller
    Junior High - Cameron Vose
  • Track & Field

    Varsity - Kris Hogan
    Varsity Assistants:
         Amanda Rodriguez
         Jennifer Purdy
         Case Hubbart
         Jeff Glass
    Junior High - Preston Daniel
    JH Assistants:
         Ed Chen
         Case Hubbart
         Jennifer Purdy
  • Volleyball

    Varsity - Ed Chen
    JV Red - Ed Chen/Allison Hatch
    JV Blue - Hannah Altheide
    8th - Allison Hatch
    7th Red - Cindy Henning
    7th Blue - Cindy Henning
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Grapevine Faith Christian School exists to develop and graduate authentic Christian leaders.

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