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Admissions Process

Admissions Testing

List of 4 items.

  • Pre-K and Kindergarten

    Two evaluations are required and scheduled when application is submitted.
    Search and Teach
    SEARCH & TEACH is an early intervention program developed to meet the educational needs of young learners.  SEARCH is a 20-minute individual test designed to identify strengths and weaknesses in readiness skills necessary for reading success. TEACH is a program of 55 learning activities called “tasks”, carefully designed to address needs revealed by SEARCH.  The tasks are ordered from simple to complex and organized into visual, visual-motor, auditory, body-image, and intermodal skill clusters which correspond to the elements of the SEARCH test.
    Missouri Kids Development Screening
    The Missouri Kindergarten Inventory of Developmental Skills is administered to four and five year olds prior to the beginning of school.  The screening provides a systematic method of obtaining information on the child’s development concepts of number and auditory, fine and gross motor, language and visual skills.

    Grapevine Faith Christian School desires to set every student up for success.  Grapevine Faith considers each student's full application for admissions, although a minimum testing score is required for each grade level.  Testing scores are considered heavily to ensure students are set up for success. 
  • 1st - 5th Grade

    Testing required and scheduled when application is submitted.
    • Stanford 10 Standardized Test
  • 6th - 12th Grade

    The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) is required for sixth through eleventh grade applicants.  The test may be taken before or after the application is submitted.

    Grapevine Faith Christian School desires to set every student up for success. Grapevine Faith considers each student's full application for admissions, although a minimum testing score is required for each grade level. Testing scores are considered heavily to ensure students are set up for success.
  • Register for Testing

    Elementary – Once application is submitted, appointment will be set for testing.
    Junior High and High School – Click here to register for testing.

Enrollment Timeline

List of 4 items.

  • General Process

    All applications and registrations for student enrollment will be accepted at anytime. Grapevine Faith Christian School will consider those with completed application processes, by the end of February, as first pool applicants. Registrations will be processed according to the following priority levels: current students, siblings of current students, and students from the community.

    Once the maximum number of students has been enrolled in a class, a waiting pool will be formed. A student will not be officially considered in the waiting pool until all student application forms and fees are complete, and the family and student interviews have been conducted. If the waiting pool number reaches a level in which it becomes reasonable to establish another section of a grade, the administration may authorize the establishment of a new class within approved budget guidelines. If an opportunity to enroll is turned down, the applicant is placed in the waiting pool with no guarantee of future placement.
  • Current Students

    Current students will have first priority provided that the registration fee is received by the priority registration deadline in January. All current students not registered by open enrollment in February may be placed in a waiting pool. Grapevine Faith Christian School reserves the right to determine the class placement of a student. Special priority consideration will be given to staff and faculty of Grapevine Faith Christian School. In all cases, admission of a student is contingent upon the approval of the Administration.
  • Siblings of Current Students

    Siblings of current students will have second priority provided that a completed Student Application and application fee is received by the priority registration deadline.
  • Students from the Community

    Students from the community will be eligible to apply at the close of current student and sibling application process. These applications completed by February 1st, will have interviews scheduled, provided that the application fee is received with a completed Student Application. Completed applicants with interviews received by the end of February will be considered in the first round of admission decisions. All applications received after this date will be reviewed and considered on a rolling basis. Admission decisions will be made based on students meeting the behavior, academic, spiritual and attendance requirements for admission.

Admissions Decisions

List of 4 items.

  • Standards

    In keeping with Grapevine Faith's mission of developing and graduating authentic Christian leaders, educating the average to above average student with a biblical worldview, and partnering with parents in a Christian community, Grapevine Faith considers families who are growing in their personal relationship with Christ and involved in their local church. Grapevine Faith requires at least one parent, and students entering grades 9-12, to be a professing Christian. Grapevine Faith desires to set every student up for success; therefore, Grapevine Faith requires students to score at or above grade level or admissions testing. Student's recommendations must show a behavioral history that is consistent with the behavioral expectations of Grapevine Faith. Grapevine Faith is not a corrective institution; and, consequently, does not accept students who have been expelled or suspended from other institutions, who have habitually used tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs, who have run away from home, who have been involved in gang activities, who have been arrested, or who have been involved in homosexual activity, engaged, married, or divorced.
  • Full Admission

    Full admission is reviewed annually for continuing enrollment. A full admission is given to students who: 1) are performing at or above grade level; 2) attend school regularly; and 3) submitted to school policy during the previous school year. New applicants will be expected to have submitted to his/her previous school’s policies for entry to Grapevine Faith Christian School. Full admission status can be changed for academic, attendance, or disciplinary reasons.

    Tuition for the upcoming year is due and payable June 1st, or at the time of enrollment, whichever is later.
  • Probationary Admission

    Applicants with deficiencies in any of the specified areas may be offered probationary admission for up to nine weeks if the Administration feels the deficiencies can be corrected by the end of that time. The Administration reviews the probationary admissions each grading period. If the necessary corrections have not occurred, the student may be denied further admittance. If the Administration believes it is highly likely the deficiencies will be corrected at the end of a second six weeks, probationary admission can be extended.

    Tuition for the upcoming year is due and payable June 1st, or at the time of enrollment, whichever is later.
  • Denial of Admission

    The Administration will give denial of admission if the applicant is deficient in one or more of the specified areas and correction during the nine-week period is unlikely. Denial of admission does not prohibit a student from applying again if deficient areas are corrected.

We are pleased your student is applying to Grapevine Faith Christian School. 

Evaluation of candidates consists of:

    1. Online Application and application fee
    2. Standardized Testing
    3. Pastor Recommendation (Children's or youth pastor)
    4. Principal Recommendation
    5. Teacher Recommendation (1 for Pre-K-5th; 2 for 6th-12th) 
    6. Student Essay (6th-12th)
    7. Transcripts and Report Cards (3 previous years plus current year)
    8. Copy of Birth Certificate
    9. Copy of Shot Records (students may not attend school without current immunization documentation)
    10. Personal Interview -  Interview with appropriate principal or administrator. School will call to schedule the parent and student (6th-12th) interview after all of the necessary information has been received and reviewed.
    11. Notification of acceptance decision will be mailed.

    * If your student has a diagnosed learning difference, ADD/ADHD, has had/currently in speech/language therapy, please contact the admissions office before completing an application

    No student will be considered for admission until all steps have been submitted or completed.
    Grapevine Faith Christian School exists to develop and graduate authentic Christian leaders.

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