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High School

High School Contacts

KEITH HALL | High School Principal
PATRICK REENTS | Assistant High School Principal
KELLY STANLEY | High School Dean of Women
MENDY TORRES | Administrative Assistant to High School Principal
Faith high school students are challenged to accept the calling to authentic Christian leadership. We believe a rich combination of opportunities – strong academics, dynamic creative arts, competitive athletics, solid biblical instruction, and personal involvement in missions – help each student develop his/her God-given leadership gifts.

The importance placed on academics results in the acceptance of Faith graduates at Ivy League schools, as well as at colleges and universities in Texas, and across the United States. The creative arts department helps students find their creative niche. Singing, acting, photography, and visual arts are just a few of the creative outlets for high school students. In athletics, teams and individual athletes strive for excellence, often winning championships or achieving their personal best. Most importantly, these athletes develop character and learn perseverance in the process. We believe this combination of developmental techniques strengthens Faith not only as a PreK-12 school, but especially as a college preparatory school.

By the time a student graduates from Faith, he/she has had an opportunity to lead, and is equipped to be an authentic Christian leader beyond Grapevine, Texas.

Start & Dismissal Times

School starts at 8:15 am. Dismissal is at 3:45 pm.

Regular Schedule (M, T, W, F)
1st | 8:15-9:00
2nd | 9:05-9:55
Snack | 9:55-10:10
3rd | 10:10-11:00
4th | 11:05-11:50
5th A | 11:55-12:40
5th B | 12:30-1:15
A Lunch | 11:55-12:25
B Lunch | 12:45-1:15
6th | 1:20-2:05
7th | 2:10-2:55
8th | 3:00-3:45

Chapel Schedule (Thursday)
1st | 8:15-8:55
2nd | 9:00-9:45
Snack | 9:45-10:00
Chapel | 10:00-10:50
3rd | 10:55-11:35
4th | 11:40-12:18
5th A | 12:23-1:01
5th B | 12:58-1:36
A Lunch | 12:23-12:53
B Lunch | 1:06-1:36
6th | 1:41-2:19
7th | 2:24-3:02
8th | 3:07-3:45

Grapevine Faith Christian School exists to develop and graduate authentic Christian leaders.

Grapevine Faith Christian School

730 E Worth Street
Grapevine, TX 76051
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